Unique Handmade Creations From The Soul And Nature

About The Artist

“Welcome To My World”

“Did you hear that?

“Oh! Wow!….Did you see that!”

“Hey! Did you feel that!”


This is my soul speaking to me every day.  I love the wonders of life: It’s Magical!

One has to really listen for that tiny voice that tugs at the heart.  Have you ever walked in the woods and seen squirrels playing in a tree?  Seen a owl looking back at you when you’ve found his secret hiding place?  Been in a garden and seen butterflies dance among the flowers?

I love colors, nature, being outside in all kinds of weather, watching children play and laugh.  I like meeting people and hearing the stories of their life and adventures.  I love laughing, crying, dancing and singing out loud! I owe it all to my magnificent Norwegian Grandmother who was a child at heart.

I called her Nanny, and she called me Peaches.  It’s funny how memories at a young age can be so strong.  Every night we said the Lords Prayer together.  Then she told me stories from Norway, about trolls and little fairy creatures.  Sometimes Nanny would take me for walks at night.  Nanny would say, “Peaches, can you hear the little creatures?”  She said that frogs and crickets sing to people to help them sleep at night, and owls hoot their lullabies to babies and children.  Nanny said that night time is when all the creatures can come out to play and not be bothered by humans.

Nanny also, taught me to sew by hand, all kinds of quilting stitches and bead work.  She gave me the gift of imagination, patience, love, and understanding.  I only had my Nanny for my first five years. With her guidance, she helped me be who I am today.  She was my special gift.

I take all of my inspirations from nature, and my imagination to create my work in art.  It makes my soul sing, just knowing that my art brings joy to a persons heart, or see the sparkle of love in a child eyes.

Bless You – Kathleen Giardina