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Chicken or the Egg?


Necklace Length: 30 inches
Earrings: 2 inches
Which came first the chicken or the egg?
This cute necklace was made with heart shaped lampwork chickens and eggs. I placed cane glass bead for sparkle and mate bugle beads and silver plate seed beads for spacers. I also added white howlite disks with yellow/orange beads and orange flower beads for accents.

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Product Description

I had a dear friend that loved chickens.  In her home she had chickens of every size and color.  Funny how we collect little things that mean something special to our hearts. When she was young she raised a small chick that grow to be a beautiful Polish Rooster.  This rooster followed her every where and protected her. No one could get near her.  I had never seen a Polish Rooster, so I looked them up on the internet.  They are gorgeous! Tall with beautiful colors and on top of their heads they have small feathers that look just like a hat. They are just amazing!

I found these chicken lampwork beads and decided to make a necklace like this one for her.  Lampwork beads are unique, because to create these fabulous works of art, narrow rods of glass are melted with the flame of a torch wound around a mandrel and turned unit they are formed in desired works of art.  I hope this art piece brings fun and laughter into your life.


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