15 inches tall.   Lucky has hand painted face with hand dyed Leicester Long wool for hair and beard.   High quality cotton and wool was used to make his outfit.   Lace, ribbon, peridot stones, golden seed beads and heart were used for accents.   His joints are buttoned for movement, wire in arms and legs is used for positioning.   Lucky is signed and dated.  He is the first one of his kind.   Make a wish! 

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15 inches tall.  Art Doll, not a toy.   Lucky is one of many little people that live in my imagination.   They are funny, loving, kind and thoughtful.   But they can be jealous and very possessive of the person that is in their keep.  Sometimes they play little games just to keep you aware of things that change in your life.   Things do happen in life that we just don’t understand why or, how it could have happened to us.   Just smile and make a wish, and see what happens.   When I made Lucky I used material that had money printed on it, to show the luck of the Irish.  I also, put a ribbon around his waist as a belt that said, “Kiss me I’m Irish“.   Lucky has big ears to listen to all your dreams and wishes.  His face was hand painted with large green eyes, to see inside your soul.  His hair and beard was made of hand dyed Leicester Long wool.   Lucky’s shirt was made with four leave clovers in two different cotton patterns.   His neck is surrounded with lacy that runs down the front of his shirt and around his wrists.    His buttons were made of Peridot stones and centered with golden seed beads.   If you look closely on his wrist is a small gold heart.   Lucky’s pants were made of wool with fringed edges.   His hat is felt with music notes as a hat band.   Large big hole beads are his knees and elbows.   Lucky has wires in his arms and legs so he can be positioned in different ways to suit you.   I wish you luck always!


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