14 inches tall.  Art Doll, not a toy.   Her face is hand painted with eyes that sparkle blue.  Her hair is mohair yarn, the color of chestnuts.  She has cloths that were made from her fathers favorite cotton shirts. The felt cap that graces her pretty little head is her older brothers.  She has tiny buttons on her shirt and up the front of her shoes.  She is signed, dated, and numbered by the artist.   

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Not every girl is a tomboy.   Being a tomboy can be fun.   Why?  Because you can climb trees, build a tree fort, camp out side, go fishing and put your own worm on the hook.  It teaches you to be strong and take the hardships that life dishes out.   I was a city girl until I was nine years old and moved to the county.  I climbed my first tree and got stuck on a branch of an old oak tree, I was afraid that I would fall coming down.   My dad came out to look for me when my little brother told him I couldn’t get down from the tree.   With my dads help he guided safely down from the tree.   He told me to think before I made a move and go slowly.  Make wise choices.  I made this little tomboy for the memories my father gave.   I hope she brings happy thoughts to the person who gets her.   Best wishes. 


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